A one minute and fifty second trailer was released yesterday for the upcoming movie "American Sniper."  American Sniper details the life of Chris Kyle, US Navy Seal, who is the most lethal sniper in American military history.  Kyle was so infamous during the Iraq war, that the insurgents dubbed him Shaitan Ar-Ramadi, (Devil of Ramadi) and had an 80,000 dollar bounty on his head.  As you may, or may not know, Chris Kyle was killed in the United States by a troubled Marine, who is now awaiting trial for his death.  Bradley Cooper who plays Kyle, has vowed to tell this story for him, and all the veterans who have sacrificed for our country.  American Sniper is being directed by Clint Eastwood, who already has some great films in his quiver as a director (Grand Torino, Heartbreak Ridge.)  The film is slotted for a limited Christmas Day release, opening wider on Jan. 16.  I will say this, make sure you read the book before you watch the movie.

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Steven LaBarre
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