The are all types of bags in the tactical/prepper market today.  Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, Shit Hits the Fan Bags, while most carry the necessities for survival, people forgo the creature comforts they are accustom to when building a wearable bag. Truck bags are a different type of beast altogether.  Your vehicle carries the bag, so weight saving isn't high on the list, yet useful items are.  When I make a truck bag, I want it to contain stuff I need now, not the stuff I need if I am living in the woods for a month or two.

So where to start?  First off, identity your needs, and wants.





-First Aid


Your needs are the basically the bare essentials you want in any bag you carry.  It's stuff that is important to have, could get your ass out of a jam, and save your life.



Man, I can go on and on in this section.  It all depends what you want to haul around.  It is 100 percent subjective to YOUR needs. Fuel, tools, tent, guns, floodlights, the possibilities are endless, however for the sake of this article, the wants will be constrained to the limits of the size of the bag.  Great thing is, you can add and subratact gear and tools to fit your requirements.


The bag itself (pictured above) is from LA Police Gear, it's their Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag, and it sells for around 19 dollars, however they run sales often, and can scoop it up for as low as 15 dollars.

I haven't used this bag before, so I cannot confirm on how well it will hold up, but the bag is a best seller (over 130,000 sold), so I doubt there were alot of problems.


-It is made from 600 Denier Nylon

-Has a hidden full size gun pocket.

-Has a slot to fit iPads, tablets, and small laptops.

-The bag is sectioned off down the center, and is covered in a loop type fabric, so you can attach your holders that are velcro based.

-The bag measures approximately 16" x 11" x 6.5" externally (15" x 10.5" x 6" internally.) 

-Includes a padded and removable shoulder strap.

-Numerous pockets, to stuff all type of shit in there.

-High quality zippers with paracord pulls (which I will probably replace)

Part 2 of the article will include all the gear that I have stuff into the bag.  Be warned, this fits MY needs, not yours.  So choose your gear carefully.