When I woke up this morning, something felt different.  It was different when I shuffled to the coffee maker, let my dogs out, and turned on the laptop.  It is growth, this brand is growing, and in turn I am growing with it. Last night we hit 20,000 followers on our instagram page.  Which is insane.  But I finally feel we have found our niche, our place within ourselves.  When I thought of the concept for Stay the Course last year, I envisioned something different than what we are today.  I had difficulties establishing what we were.  Were we an apparel company? A blog? A review site? etc.  There wasn't really a clear answer then.  We are not just an apparel company, we are a brand, a brand that yes, sells apparel, but we are so much more than that.  We are the extra push you need to get your ass in gear, we are the dudes that tell you to keep fucking going, we are your motivation, the brand that tells you to experience, and enjoy your life.  So many awesome things are on the horizon.  Our clothing production has been moved in house, which means faster restocks, and more frequent clothing drops.  The blog will be much more frequent, and will include tips and tricks, how-to's, new products, reviews, fitness etc.  We are also establishing a special projects division which will be much more than just tee shirts.  So to each, and everyone of our supporters, I wish to say thank you from that bottom of my heart.  The support and encouragement you guys give us on a daily basis is staggering.  You all fucking rule.


Steven LaBarre