It's not everyday that a product impresses me right from the get go.  However with the Tac Rabbit EDC pouch, it did exactly that.  First off, the new Multicam Black fabric is quite fancy.  Not many companies are using the Black in their designs due to its recent release date.  It doesn't shout "tactical operator" like normal Multicam does.
Moving on, upon inspection of the pouch, everything is stitched nicely, and the finish work is impressive.  Little features like the heat shrinked 550 cord on the zipper pull, and the hidden reversed pocket on the inside make it seem like some thought was put into this product.
I should also note, that this pouch is in testing stages, there are some changes I would make for this pouch to be perfect, which I will get into later. (When I called the owner of TacRabbit, with my findings, they were already working on them).
I typically use this pouch when traveling, while at the gym, or when I don't feel like stuff a bunch of shit into my pockets.  I am able to fit a large knife (ZT301), my wallet, keys, cell phone, chap stick, earbuds, and still have some room to spare.
All in all I was impressed with the durability, I have thrown it across the pavement filled with rocks, allowed my 1st grader to play with it outside, kicked it around the gym on accident, and still looks brand new. 
Good: American made, Veteran owned small business, high attention to detail, quality product, price (when released will be very competitive).
Bad: Needs belt loop. -see below
Now, I have talked with Jada, owner of TacRabbit with some of my findings, he agreed with them for the most part.  My biggest issue was lack of a belt loop, he laughed, and was actually working on that as we were talking.  Some other development findings I shared with him was a slot to slide your ID in quickly, and easily, also the future addition of a removable modular organizer, for different storage options. (Pens, cell phones, camera, lighter, multitool, etc.
You can find TacRabbit at:
Steven LaBarre
Stay the Course LLC