So here it is, the first blog post.  So much has transpired in the past few months.  We have taken this small idea, to something tangible, and something we are quite proud of.  Please bear with us as we work out all of our bugs, and growing pains.  Shipping, orders, website coding, blog posts, uploading pictures, it has proven to be a challenge that we are managing.  

Things to expect on this blog:

  • Man shit.
  • Non sugar coated product reviews (if it sucks, we will tell you).
  • Articles that don't tell you what type of sweater to wear with your Toms shoes.
  • Things that will help YOU, in the real world.
  • 100 percent support for our fellow Military service members.
  • Commentary from real men.
  • Excellent pictures of the products we are featuring.

Please stick around, and get to know us.  We will not disappoint.


Stay The Course


Steven LaBarre