You have all asked for it.  The return of the Hard to Kill Challenge.  These workouts are posted once a week and are designed so you can do them at home, with minimal equipment.  The Challenge is designed to get people off the couch, and to move.  Train like your life depends on it, and make yourself hard to kill.  You will find all the workouts that we have posted here.  #staythecourse


Warm Up-
3 rounds

30 secs each
Arm Circles forwards
Arm Circles backwards
Mountain Climbers
Crossover Jumping Jacks

Jog 200m

3 rounds. 20 seconds Active, 10 seconds rest. Then move the next movement. 1 min recovery before switching to next set. Keep your core tight, and maintain form throughout.

-Up/Down Planks
-Walk out pushups
-Jumping Lunges
-Squat Jacks 
-High Knees

1 mile walk, heavy stretching.

Jessica Walsh



Warm Up-
Jog 200m

-20 Hip bridges
-15 Mountain Climbers each side
-10 Pushups
-10 Squats

Jog 200m
Do this warm up slowly and correctly.

3 sets of:
15 Jump Squats
10 Staggered Pushups (5 each side)
15 Double Squats
10 Mountain Climbers

Rest 60 seconds

3 sets of:
20 Lunges (10 each side)
10 Tricep Pushups
20  flutter kicks 

1 mile walk, and 20 mins of stretching

Jonathan Wilhelm (CPT) - Owner of Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia



Warm Up-
200m jog - 25 Jumping Jacks - 25 Air Squats - 25 push ups - 200m jog

Time: 20 minutes
Gear: Kettlebell or anything heavy you can find
Execution: Set a timer for twenty minutes. On each new minute perform one goblet squat more than the round before. On 00:00 start with 5 goblet squats. At 01:00 perform 6 goblet squats, etc.

The faster you finish the amount of reps, the longer your rest. If it take you 30 seconds to complete, you get 30 seconds rest, ’til the new round starts. You are done if you can’t complete the round or when the twenty minutes are over.
Cool Down-
Walk 200m, taking care to stretch everything you worked today. Quads, hammies, calves, glutes.
Noel Brand



Warm Up

-25 Hip Bridges- Lying down, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, squeeze your glutes, then thrust your hips into the air. This is a dynamic stretch for your hips and a very good way to warm up the spine. 

-20 Bodyweight Squats- Keep your arms out in front of you as you go down in the squat, while keeping your chest tall. Stay heavy on your heels, then as your come back up, squeeze your glutes putting your hips into extension and squeeze your shoulder blades together like a high row (bringing your elbows back) 

-15 Jumping Jacks-

-10 Pushups-



Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 min. 

-10 Burpees- At the bottom of the burpee, pushup is optional. Make sure you keep your head in line with your spine. In other words, don’t let your head drop down. 

-30 Jumping Lunges- (15 each side) **Make sure your knee does not go over the mid part of your foot. The lower you go into the lunge, the harder it is. The back knee should never hit the ground. KEEP YOUR CHEST TALL TO KEEP SPINAL ALIGNMENT.

-10 Snap Jumps- Start in plank position with arms straight. Jump both of your knees toward your chest and then jump with your legs back out into a standard plank position. Maintain a flat back throughout this exercise. This equals 1 rep.

-15 Decline Pushups-  (Put your toes on something elevated) The closer you keep your hands to your body, the harder the pushup.

-15 Sumo Squats- Feet/toes pointed in a 10 and 2 o’clock position. You can hold onto a weight close to your chest if you wish, but as you drop your hips/butt down and back, keep your chest tall, heavy on your heels, shoulders down and back, making sure your knees don’t go over your toes. 

For additional suckage - wear weighted vest or body armor.

Jonathan Wilhelm (CPT) - Owner of Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia


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