I am a survivalist. However, not in the sense you typically think when you hear that phrase. I am not one of the guys you see on “Doomsday Preppers.”  Sure, I enjoy going into the woods, and testing bushcraft skills, and whatnot, but that’s not what I’m referring to when I say I’m a survivalist. 

This past week we all saw the video of the police officer shooting a man as he’s running away.  This is terrible, I know.  However, this article isn't about police brutality, their use of force or whether it is justified or not.  It is simply about survival. 

First off, I enjoy living. I enjoy knowing that I will be alive when I wake up, barring an ‘act of god.’  What I mean by this is; I am not going to do anything that will warrant my life being taken from me.  I don’t drive like an asshole on a motorcycle, I don’t abuse narcotics, and I don’t fight with police officers.

 You’re probably thinking “Whoa… wait a minute, the police officer in the video shot him as he was running away and he falsified reports.” Sure, I know that. If this is in fact the case, then the police officer should be charged. HOWEVER, if you don’t want to be killed/shot/tazed/beat up, then do not put yourself in a situation that in which a police officer could misinterpret your intentions. Sound insensitive to this situation?  It’s not.  I am not justifying this officer’s actions.  I wasn't there, and I've never had police training. I do not know what happened during the struggle, nor do I know all the facts of this case.  However, if a police officer is trying to arrest me, detain me, or question me, I know to shut the fuck up.  Maybe the cop is in the wrong, but I can deal with that afterwards.  Maybe someone who fits my description robbed someone, who cares, I’m innocent, if your first though is “I should run…” you’re a fucking idiot, and you should expect to be smashed into the pavement.  Do not run, do not argue, just shut the fuck up.  Might sound like my freedom is being infringed, or I’m letting the man do whatever they want to me… so fucking be it, you’ll be alive to fight the case in court.  I promise you, you have a 100 percent better chance at living when dealing with a police officer if;  you don’t run, don’t grab his gun, and don’t argue.  Survival… it seems like every day you hear about an officer involved shooting, so, why put yourself at risk?  Once again, this isn't saying that the cop had the right to fire on him; these are just some thoughts from a random dude who enjoys living his life.

Steven LaBarre