Our trainers

Jonathan Wilhelm (CPT) - Owner of Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia



What is Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia?

Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia or (F3) was created for the purpose of reeducating your body.

Why am I a personal trainer? 

I believe I was created for a purpose; to go out and help people reeducate their bodies from the inside out. Most of all, and certainly not the least, I am dedicated in helping people achieve their fitness goals. Whether it's becoming more mobile, flexible, stronger, or more agile, I will help you to the best of my ability.  Gaining strength through mobility, that's what it's all about. 

How is Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia different?

 Every trainer, organization, company, or franchise is different from the other, and yes, we all have one thing in common...our passion for fitness. What separates F3 from the rest? We focus on building a Firm Foundation, promoting a healthier long lasting lifestyle, and set up workouts that are SPECIFICALLY designed for YOU and ONLY YOU! Every workout is different and we take pride in that!

Where is Firm Foundation Fitness of Georgia located?

We are everywhere in Georgia. We come to you! Whether it's your house, local park, gym, wherever, I will come to you! If you have any questions about training or are interested in training, boot camps, etc., online workout plans, you can reach me at firmfoundationfit@gmail.com





Noël Brand
T.O.P. Trainer C – The Overload Principle. 
Co-owner / head coach: Breda Strength & Conditioning, 
Co-owner / head coach: CrossFit NulDertien by Tilburg Strength & Conditioning. 
Owner / head coach: DefensieTrainingsschema.nl
Active duty Royal Netherlands Marine Corps - Physical Training Instructor.
Noël coaches Arrestatie Team members ( Netherlands SWAT team), Special Forces operators of the Netherlands Army Special Forces and the Netherlands Marine Corps Special Forces.  
Specialties include, training and injury treatment and prevention.
He coaches a wide variety of competitive and recreational athlete’s in (combat) sports. Online and in his gyms.
Jessica Walsh
I am a mother, a business owner, an ACE certified personal trainer, a healthy home cook and a self-proclaimed exercise addict.  I believe life is about choices, not will power. This train of thought is what got me where I am today. I have lost 135 lbs of fat, defeated a multitude of medical issues (including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc), gave myself a ton of energy, and developed some pretty nice guns in the process. I had to make changes in my life that weren’t always easy, but were well worth it.