Hard To Kill Challenge

For the past 5 months we have been posting weekly workouts for people to do at home.  These workouts are designed so you don't need any gym equipment, and if you do, it is a a piece of gear you might already having laying around.  Most people do not have kettle bells, and plyo-boxes at their house.  Anyways, give these workouts a try, and let us know how you like them.  The picture is a screen grab of the last 4 workouts we have posted.  For all of them, head to www.staythecourseind.com/HardtoKill

 If you want to submit your ideas, email us.  info@staythecourseind.com



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MetalShop Bullet Pencil

Being the type of person I am, I sketch a lot. Whether it be a new tee shirt design, or doodling while talking a phone call, some sort of writing implement is usually always in my hands. I usually like writing with a pencil because I can edit, erase, and change things up fairly quickly.  That being said the only type of pencil you can carry in your pocket is a mechanical pencil, which is fine for the most part, but sometimes I want a regular number two lead pencil.  However you can't carry one of those in your pocket. 

When Jon showed me the prototype for the bullet pencil I was immediately intrigued. It's small enough to fit in pocket, and extremely lightweight at half an ounce. The bullet pencil serves a dual role.  In addition to being a regular number two pencil it also acts as a quasi kubaton. A kubaton is a self-defense device designed to be held like an ice pick, or with a forward grip, and is excellent to target fleshy, sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes.  With the top cap of the bullet pencil being a nice point, it should perform fine being buried into an attackers collarbone. 

Operation of the bullet pencil is simple, unscrew the cap, flip it around, and screw it back in, then you're off and writing. You can also use any pencil you want. I am partial to Faber-Castell HB pencils, so I went ahead and threw one in there.

Metal shop CT is in old world machine shop.  Growing up watching his Grandfather operate and run his own machine shop he was intrigued with the whole process.  After opening his own shop, Jon became tired of many products being produced overseas, so he took his training, and experience and set out to build the best products he can, all the old fashioned way, with hard work, and attention to detail. 

The Bullet Pencil is currently on its last week of its KickerStarter campaign, while they are already fully funded, they are trying to reach their stretch goal, so check it out and back it.  You can even purchase the new pen option they are currently offering.

The Bullet Pencil has found it home in my EDC for the past 2 weeks now, and I don't plan on changing it out anytime soon.


Check out Metal Shop online






Steven LaBarre
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F/A-18 Hornet pilots showing us that they are cooler than you.

2014 Navy Hornet Ball is the most definitely the best naval aviation video of the year. The Hornet Ball is an annual event consisting of all the West coast Naval Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons.  Each year the event features a video, produced by “Wingnut”, a Hornet pilot himself, compiled from all the squadrons’ last year of flying in both combat and training missions: catapult launches, trap landings, aerobatics, dogfighting, live firing of air-to-air missiles, LGBs (Laser Guided Bombs), cluster bombs, low level flying in the desert, and much more.  Being stationed on an aircraft carrier for 4 years, and seeing these birds in action was truly unforgettable experience.  Hornet pilots are also bad influences, excellent drinkers, and will try to have sex with anything they can.  Watch it now and comment below!

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Survival of the fittest.

This blog post is going to sound insensitive, please don’t take it that way.  This is just the rambling of a normal man who is questioning the world.  I am in no way trained as a Sociologist, Doctor, or any type of educated scholar.  Just take it for what it is, words. 

I see Ebola, and all sorts of natural disasters in the news and I can’t help but think to myself about balance. I feel that mother nature installs a series of checks and balances in the world, an order that needs to be adhered to.  If something steps out of line, bam, the bubonic plague, or maybe a hurricane comes and puts motherfuckers in check.  Human beings are apex predators, we are at the top of the food chain, but that doesn’t automatically guarantee our survival.
We vaccinate our children to keep them from getting sick, slather them in hand sanitizer, and keep them secured in the proverbial bacteria free comfort blanket.  Sure, a lot of this is because of the media creating panic and fear in parents, and the first thing they do is rush to get a flu shot, or antibiotics.  Then you have mother fucking Dr Oz with the latest heath fad, telling these stay at home mothers what the best anti anxiety medication they can take is.
What happens if we let a handful of people die from germs?  What happens if we stop talking prescription
 pills to make us happy, stop vaccinating our children, stop rushing them to the doctor at the first sign of a cold, stop popping antibiotics like candy?  What happens when society, as a whole, stops being pussies, and thinks?
Natural selection.  We would create a super race of the hardest people on the planet.  Healthy genes, clear heads, strong immune systems, the ability to adapt, and prevail.  Got someone trailing behind and bringing up the rear?  He will get his. The weak ones are always the first to go.
Survival is the victory to the strongest and most prepared.
Leave a comment below.  Let me know your views.
Steven LaBarre
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