Stay the Course Vorn hats are finally here! April 20 2016, 4 Comments

After 14 months in development, our Vorn Hats are finally available for purchase on this upcoming Spring release (April 22 6PM EST).

Vorn - Norse for Defense.

These hats were definitely a time consuming process, as we didn't want to just slap our name on a basic blank hat. So we needed to build one from the ground up.  There were specific requirements that we wanted in a hat.  American made, a flex style fit, large enough crown to cover the head fully, something durable yet breathable, and good looking.

The hats required a total of 12 different prototypes, and 43 separate adjustments.

All hats come with a matching color ranger eye, that isn't sold.  The only way to get it, is to buy the hat.

-Completely American made.

-3x2 inch velcro patch panel on the front.

-1x1 inch velcro patch panel on the rear.

-Limited edition Ranger eye patch included with hat.

-Velcro is completely stitched on to prevent tearing off.

-Stay the Course shield logo embroidered on left from panel.

-Low profile buttonless crown, hat sits fully on the head.

-Breathable fabric

-S/M Head sizes - 6 3/4" - 7 1/4"

-L/XL Head sizes - 7 1/8" - 7 5/8"